Coil Winding

Magnetic coils for measuring, conducting, checking, moving and sorting

If you want to open or close something electronically, check and sort coins or even levitate record players and turn these at a precise speed – powerful sensor- or magnetic coils are indispensable.

We assist in the development and manufacture of coils/solenoids with state-of-the-art winding machines in every conceivable design. We advise our customers in this respect during the design of coils governed by performance requirements and application areas.

We place enormous importance on quality assurance. With standardised control of wire tension, soldering temperature, dielectric strength and a target/actual comparison of electrical values, no coil/solenoid that fails to meet requirements leaves our production.

At Rodex you can order various non-standard windings according to your demands, plans and technical documentation:
  • Measuring coil winding
  • Sensor windings
  • Magnet windings
  • Toroid coils
  • Throttles
  • and other special windings


Cu wire:
  • 0,035 mm to 1,0 mm diameter;
  • 1L, 2L,
  • soldering (IEC 317-20, IEC 317-51, IEC 317-23),
  • non-soldering (IEC 317-13)
  • standard
    *on order (with the production of tool)
  • with or without contacts (production of inductors with cables)

The park

  • 6- 12 spindle- or winding-machines
  • single spindle
  • desk winding machines
  • toroiden-winding machine
  • soldering machines
  • some LCR - Meter and other instruments for work optimization


  • 12-spindle automatic machine (max. diameter of inductor 35 mm, max. diameter of wire 0,2 mm)
  • 8-spindle automatic machine – bifilar winding (max. diameter of inductor 60 mm, max. diameter of wire 0,2 mm)
  • 6-spindle (max. diameter of inductor 90 mm, max. diameter of wire 0,8 mm)
  • 5-spindle (max. diameter of inductor 80 mm, max. diameter of wire 0,3 mm)
  • single spindle machines (max. diameter of inductor 200 mm, max. diameter of wire 1,0 mm)
  • winding machines for toroid windings


  • dip soldering in tub (half-automatic and/or manual)
  • manual soldering (with soldering handles)


  • control of wire tension
  • control of solder temperature
  • control of breakthrough firmness
  • control of electrical values (Ls, Lp, Rs, Rp, Rdc, Q, f= 100Hz – 100 kHz)

Supply Chain Management