Mechatronic Components

From plug&play components to complete products of electromechanical components

In our assembly facility, we manufacture prefabricated electromechanical assemblies with solenoid coils and plastic housings produced by us which our customers only need to install and connect in their final products.

In doing so, we draw on a production method developed jointly and customised electronics. We prepare the electronic components for installation, undertaking the adhesion, screw fitting, soldering and final assembly of mechatronic components. This is, of course, realised in the ESD protective zones required for this purpose.

After an intensive functional inspection, the components or finished products are packaged by us and prepared for safe transportation. In doing so, we relieve the burden on our customers relating to purchasing, production and storage.
We organise and perform a chain of processes for the production of small and middle series (quantity according to customer) of small electronic and electromechanical devices.

  • organization of purchase channels
  • production of tools and instruments
  • production and establishment of production technology
  • inspection and control of production
  • planning of transport packaging
  • packaging and logistics of products
  • delivery
Technological Instruments
  • soldering automatic machine,
  • automatic machine for installing contacts,
  • automation of individual working operations
  • instruments for the assembly of component parts,
  • testing instruments,
  • instruments for manual and machine riveting,
  • take-up spools
    and others.

Mould Construction