With the development group, Rodex, in addition to tool making, thermoplastic processing, and assembly, is the fourth organizational unit that will perform activities for all units of the company. The company's internal development projects relate primarily to the acquisition of new technologies in the manufacture of tools, injection molding, and assembly of products, and the introduction of environmentally and economically more acceptable materials in the final products for our customers. We have thus expanded our range of services and thus provide our customers with comprehensive 'all under one roof' service; this is from product development, toolmaking, injection molding, and assembly of the final product.

Research and development

The research and development group cooperates from the design and development of individual pieces or complex electromechanical devices, tool design, plastic injection molding, preparation and adjustment according to appropriate production procedures to the assembly and final control.

Development group

The development group is focused on the development of electro-mechanical appliances, revision and optimization of existing appliances, as well as consulting in the development of new products and implementation in production.

The consultation services cover the following areas:
- development of plastic products
- consulting and optimization of plastic products
- simulations of plastic products: selection of materials, filling points, flow, shrinkage and deformation
- tool development
- optimization and simulation of injection molding tools: effects on the tool, the filling system, the cooling system, the materials for the tool parts and the improvement of the service life and efficiency
(Moldflow in cooperation with external partners)

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