Supply Chain Management

 Smart Solutions for production, procurement management and logistics
Rodex-Mechatronics creates highly flexible and cost-effective solutions in production, procurement management and logistics that meet customer requirements in terms of production volume and delivery deadlines.

We are happy to procure all parts required for production which we do not manufacture ourselves for our customers. Whether cables, plugs, turned parts, motors, laser plates, electronic parts, metal parts or ceramic plates are involved – we can rely on a network of long-standing and reliable partners in almost every area. As a result, we relieve the burden on our customers created by time-consuming procurement management and ensure that everything is perfectly coordinated.

In addition to being physically close to the heart of Europe, Slovenia is above all – in a traditional sense – a logistics country. Over the years, a logistics network has developed on this basis that not takes modern production and warehousing processes in the supply chain into account, but also provides professional support. This enables us to guarantee the short-term availability of manufactured by us at the agreed time.

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